At a meeting of the founders the following procedures were agreed to be adopted:-


  1. When processing in to the Lodge, the W.M. will be proceeded by the D.C. who bear a replica of the mace used by the ancieny Kenfig Borough Council ( the original Mace is kept in the National Museum of Wales). The Mace will then be placed on the W.M.’s pedestal where it will remain until the W.M. leaves at the end of the ceremony. To facilitate the carrying out of this procedure a replica was made by W.Bro. Horace Durbin of the Venables Llewellyn Lodge, who presented it to the Kenfig Lodge.
  2. The candles will be ignighted prior to the enry of the W.M. and extinguished after he retires from the Lodge.
  3. The D.C. will cease perambulating after the obligation and signs.
  4. After the first year, the I.P.M.’s collar with jewel and apron will be handed down to succeeded I.P.M’s.


  1. Bear wine or spirits will be taken with meal and speeches.
  2. Toasts will not be fired.
  3. There will be no response to the visitors toast, unless we are honoured by the presence of a masonically eminent Brother.

The W.M.’s apron was presented to the Lodge by W.Bro. Emrys J. Davies who was the first Senior Deacon, and the W.M.;s collar by W.Bro. Graham Bowen (who was not a Founder but later became the Lodge Treasurer).

At the end of his term of office in the chair W.Bro. Harold Wilson was presented with a Past Masters jewel. He then presented the collar (with jewel attached) and the apron to the Lodge with the request that it be worn by the I.P.M. at every meeting.

The Lodge Banner was skilfully made by the wife of Bro. Peter Fabian. Apart from the Lodge Name and Number the banner depicts out Motto – WHERE CONCORD REIGNS as well as the Lodge Crest as used today.

The crests shown are: – The one on the left is that which was used at the start of the Lodge, and for four years afterwards. After this time, no crest was used on Lodge Summonses until 1982.  The crest on the right is extracted from the banner which was taken and adapted from the original seal of the City of Kenfig.  It was drawn by W. Bro. Graham Wild and was first used on the summons for his installation Nov 12th 1982, and has been used ever since.  It is used on the past Masters jewel.

A set of gavels was made by a friend of W.Bro. J.K. Gordan Evans, (who was the first Junior Deacon), and presented them to the Lodge even though he was not a member.

Shortly afterwards, W.Bro. D.E. Graham Wild presented a wall-mounted display board suitable for showing the names of the Lodge Past Masters in chronological order.

At a later date, W.Bro. Dafydd Geraint Puw presented a complete set of working tools for the three degrees, all being housed in a beautiful three-drawed wooden cabinet. This cabinet rests on a ledge to the left of the W.M.

The Lodge has been fortunate in having had two Assistant P.G.M.’s amoung it’s members. As already stated, the first W.Master W.Bro Harold Wilson was one, and the other was W.Bro. Samuel Northway who was the sixth W.M. and was later elevated to a Past Grand Rank, and after to Assistant P.G.M.

Also four brethren received Past Grand Ranks. They were:-

W.Bro. Donald Comley, W.Bro. William J Northway, W.Bro. Luther Protheroe and W.Bro. Leighton Hutchings.

The close association of the Lodge with the Albert Edward Prince of Wales Court (the Home) was further cemented by:-

  1. On the first week-end following the official opening of the Home two lodge members namely W.Bro. V. C. Warwick and W.Bro. Wlliam J Northway was appointed to escort groups of visitors on a tour of inspection of the new premises.
  2. At the Lodge after-proceedings a collection was made, and donated to the Matrons Social Fund.
  3. For the first few years the Matron and her Assistant were invited to dine with us after each regular Lodge meeting (excluding the Installation) by W.ro. Alun Lloyd.
  4. W.Bro. Samual Northway (when the Assist P.G.M.) became Chairman of the Friends of the Court.
  5. At present, the Lodge has 100% membership of the Friends
  6. Compiled by W.Bro V.C. Warwick P.M. P. Pr.S.G.W. 1st Sept 2010