Minutes Kenfig Lodge Saturday 9th December 2023

Brethren Present.

W.Bro. Dylan Roberts W.Bro. Allan Kelly. W.Bro. Allan Jones.

W.Bro Colin Best. W.Bro Verdun Moore. W.Bro. John Thomas.

W.Bro Richard Paul Stephens. W.Bro. Richard David Stephens.

W.Bro. Bill Flaherty. Bro. Ross Jones. Bro Jonathan Evans.

Bro. Kevin Dixie. Bro. Nick Easy. Bro. Steve Lyons Bro. Darren Lewis.

There were no Visitors.

Apologies received from

W.Bro. Richard Newman. W.Bro. Richard Willians.

W.Bro. Etienne Cronje. W.Bro. Anthony Roberts. Bro. Neil Routliff.

Bro. Simon Evans. Bro. Jonathan Williams.

It was decided that all officers would revert to their previous offices prior to November, for this ceremony.

The Lodge was opened in the 1st degree at precisely 12 noon by W.Bro. Allan Kelly with W. Bro. Verdun Moore acting as Secretary.

The Fire Regulations were read, followed by the Dispensation.

The Lodge was opened in the Second Degree and the Candidate answered the questions put to him. The candidate was then escorted from the Lodge and W.Bro Bill Flaherty left the Lodge to assist Bro. Kevin Dixie who had stood in as Tyler to assist him prepare the candidate.

The Lodge was opened in the 3rd Degree and the candidate returned to the Lodge.

The Ceremony to raise Bro. Darren Lewis to the 3rd degree was performed and he was presented with his apron by W.Bro. Dylan Roberts. The 3rd degree tools were given by W.Bro Dylan Roberts, and the extended History by W.Bro Verdun Moore.

He was congratulated by the WM and the Lodge was closed at 1:30pm.

As this was an emergency meeting there were no risings.

We were joined by the Ladies and other guests at the Christmas festive board where we raised £130 for the Trussel Trust, £184 from the sale of Teddy Bears, to add to the £20:70 alms.

The majority of the raffle prizes and all the Teddies were re-donated to a woman and children’s refuge in Bridgend, along with a new electric sewing machine to a charity that makes clothes for disadvantaged and sick children.

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